Beyond Broadband


This buzzword has been with us for some time now. Many enjoy fast broadband connections. Yet broadband is a mere stepping stone to the dramatic, world-shaking changes to come. A new paradigm is on the horizon. Imagine a network where capacities grow exponentially, where gigabit data transfer morphs into terabit and even petabit, where all forms of media - audio, video, TV broadcasts, telephone, fax, satellite communication, and of course, the Internet - converge into one free-flowing data stream. The potential is enormous, the growth explosive - not only in the business world, but also in our daily lives.

We, SYNCLAYER, believe that the cable network will become the infrastructure backbone for such a communications revolution.

And no one in the industry is better positioned than we are to take advantage of existing network resources and re-invent them for the new era, synchronizing the myriad of media layers and creating new opportunities for our wired, online society.

Embracing the new paradigm.

Going beyond broadband.

SYNCLAYER is on the move.

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