This buzzword has been with us for some time now. Many enjoy fast broadband connections. Yet broadband is a mere stepping stone to the dramatic, world-shaking changes to come. A new paradigm is on the horizon. Imagine a network where capacities grow exponentially, where gigabit data transfer morphs into terabit and even petabit, where all forms of media - audio, video, TV broadcasts, telephone, fax, satellite communication, and of course, the Internet - converge into one free-flowing data stream. The potential is enormous, the growth explosive - not only in the business world, but also in our daily lives.
We, SYNCLAYER, believe that the cable network will become the infrastructure backbone for such a communications revolution.
And no one in the industry is better positioned than we are to take advantage of existing network resources and re-invent them for the new era, synchronizing the myriad of media layers and creating new opportunities for our wired, online society.
Embracing the new paradigm.
Going beyond broadband.
SYNCLAYER is on the move.

Research & Development

Ideas, Markets, and Technology: R&D keeps all in sync, powering the broadband era and beyond

Ever since the company was founded, SYNCLAYER has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in the data/communications industry, producing home monitoring devices, creating cable network infrastructures and technologies, developing broadband LAN systems, and extending the reach of the Internet with our advanced cable modem systems.
SYNCLAYER is hard at work, continuing our intensive R&D efforts to expand this lead even further. Combining and synchronizing "outside-the-box" ideas, real-world market demands, and state-of-the-art micro-electronics/computer technology - we're creating products and services that will revolutionize and define the exciting new era to come.


Applying our creative expertise to shape the future of multimedia and enhance the way we live, work and play

We, SYNCLAYER, engage the cable industry on many fronts and at many different layers, serving not only as technicians but also as advisors.

Regional characteristics, marketing dynamics, business requirements, customer satisfaction - all come into play as we devise total consulting solutions for our clients. Stability and reliability are crucial, as we build and maintain a 24/7/365 support system - always on, always ready. We work doubly hard to nurture the confidence of our customers, and build on that foundation to shape the future of multimedia. Our goal: Use our network smarts and resources to galvanize all the exciting, far-reaching changes that will affect your ways of work and way of life.

Planning Construction

Building the next-generation media-merging cable network with digital technologies

We have been involved with cable network design and installation for many years now and our business is exceptionally wide ranging. We not only design the physical structure and install the various system components, devices, cabling (both coaxial and optical fiber), and parabola antenna receiving stations, we also maintain, monitor, check and accordingly adjust all system components.

Finally, with our extensive background, know-how and human resources, we are perfectly poised to merge high-capacity cable networks with the most sophisticated digital communication technologies - and take cable far beyond broadband.

Product Quality Control

World-class technology and perfection -its standards- synchronized to create high-quality, high-tech products

There is good reason why SYNCLAYER products have such an outstanding reputation. Not only are they innovative and technologically advanced, they are also subject to the most rigorous quality control testing in the industry. Our manufacturing sites feature exceptionally high-tech contamination-free clean room facilities and utilize world-class, state-of-the-art production equipment. Stringent tests are run repeatedly to ensure that our products function perfectly under the most adverse environmental conditions, are corrosion-resistant, waterproof, lightning-proof, and fully free from defects. SYNCLAYER synchronizes all elements and components of the manufacturing system, and combines the highest technology with the most exacting quality standards - all important steps in creating the networks of the future.